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Shirokuma Ltd. is traditionally very strong in the field of professional IT translations. The company is a leading player of this market: either directly or indirectly, it is working or has worked with almost all the major global IT companies (please see our references). Our professionals have more than 30 years of experience in professional journalism and translation. We combine a multitude of skills: we have computer scientists, engineers and consultants, professional journalists, editors and linguists as well as printing consultants among us. We believe that we offer a combination of professional experience and linguistic skills unique in the Hungarian market.

Our goal is to provide accountable quality in a market where quality is very difficult to define and require. To do so, we cooperate with our partners in creating their own, custom terminology dictionaries - at no extra charge. We use the most efficient tool for the translation: to translate a users' guide of several hundred pages we use translation support software; however, to translate a press release it would be more of a hindrance. From the three parameters of quality, quantity and available time you may set any two - and we'll beat anyone in the third. Most certainly, we are willing to be tested any time about this.

As we are seeking long-lasting relationships with our customers, we are trying to customize our services to their needs as much as possible. A few examples from the field of professional translation: translation directly into a DTP program, together with imagesetting; web site translation using translation support tools (customer sends the whole updated website but has to pay only for the difference); translating the same material into multiple languages; preparing a terminology dictionary verified and approved by the customer, just to mention the most frequent ones. Payment can be based on characters or words, sometimes project-based.

As main or subcontractors we engage in the realization of complete software localization projects or parts of them. We offer the following localization and translation services - for related services see the other business lines of the Group:

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