In many large projects our company works as a subcontractor and though they might look impressive, we cannot give references without the approval of the main contractor and the customer. Here is a list of some of our customers:

IT consulting


  1.  Entel Ltd. 
  2. Mentes and Partners Ltd.
  3. Trial Masters Ltd.
  4. E.On Hungary (as a subcontractor)

Custom development


  1. Antenna Hungária Co, off-line e-mail broadcast system
  2. Antenna Hungária Co, DVB system
  3. Hungarian Academy of Sciences Minority Studies Institute
  4. Mindennapi Pszichológia (Everyday Psychology)
  5. Sport Portal of the University of Debrecen
  6. Museum Nights (before 2008)
  7. MTA TTI Archontology database
  8. Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Pathology

Support services and systems integration


  1. Entel Ltd.
  2. Mentes and Partners Ltd.
  3. Trial Masters Ltd.


Project management and quality assurance


  1. Novell Professional Services Hungary Ltd.
  2. Qualnet Ltd.
  3. Ministry of Environment and Water
  4. Trial Masters Ltd.




  1. Trial Masters Ltd.

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