Japanese manuscript paper (genko yoshi)

Kanjis are to be written in squares, for practice into ones with their centerlines drawn. The usual problems with the usual exercise books is that:

  1. It is not too nice to have the centerlines as strong as the others and there is no extra space between lines;
  2. With a few exceptions, the quality of the paper leaves a lot to be desired;
  3. It is a great help to beginners if the characters are pre-drawn lightly.

To solve these problems, Shirokuma offers an exercise book of quality paper, having pages that look like Japanese manuscript papers (genko yoshi, 20x20 characters) and the characters are drawn in light grey. We can create versions where even the diagonals are drawn with light, dotted lines. We have the following excercise books on stock:

  1. A4 genkou youshi book, 20x20 characters, 50 sheets(100 pages)
  2. A4 genkou youshi book, 20x20 characters, 100 sheets (200 pages)

You can purchase the excercise book here.

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