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It is good to see that there are more and more people studying Japanese. Nevertheless, we are still too few to be a solid market for quality textbooks, dictionaries and other language-related material. Traditional printing technologies yield reasonable per copy costs only when ordered by the thousands - the effect of this on the market is well-known by everyone. Using our digital printing capacities and our experience with Japanese-Hungarian mixed texts, we would like to help this situation a bit.

First, not exactly aiming juicy profit, we would like to provide you with some services to help you with your Japanese studies, that are difficult or quite impossible to get here in Hungary, in particular in Hungarian language. (Please note that this page is mostly for Hungarian learners of Japanese.) Our kanji practice cards are well-known by now by Japanese learners all around the country but we are waiting for those being interested in Japanese language in our webshop with many other products - a reprint kanji dictionary, hiragana and katakana study books and workbooks, real Japanese (imported) brush pens and a lot of other things.

Second, we offer our digital printing capacities for everyone, who has a manuscript, be it a textbook, a dictionary or an exercise-book. The current situation is that up to around 100-150 copies we can beat offset printshops by far, up to 400 copies we can print at comparable prices. Whether you are a school, who wants some excercise-books for the students, or a textbook writer who needs a few copies for seeking sponsors, or just anyone who wants some signs, stickers or calendars in Japanese language, we are happy to help.

Should you have any questions, recommendations or simply want to help us, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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