About us

Shirokuma Ltd was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing real, accountable quality within the IT industry. The privately held company specializes on professional services (technical consulting, project management, systems integration, support and custom development), furthermore IT- and language-related services (professional translation and interpretation, tender preparation, DTP and publishing, stylistic and professional editing and revision). In this latter field, Shirokuma Ltd is a market-leading company in Hungary and - either as a main or subcontractor - is working or have worked for almost all the major global IT companies present in the country.

Since 2002 we entered the field of professional audio applications with an ambitious sound sampling project and since 2003 we provide our customers Internet and Web-related services as well. You can find more about our services and current projects here. We also hope our references speak for themselves, too.

Quality at a reasonable price

We firmly believe that to be successful as a professional services company, one must provide high-quality, customized services at a reasonable price. Our most important goal is your satisfaction. This attitude brought us success first in the field of professional translation (please see our references) and now we are approaching other areas placing the same emphasis on quality.

We know that technology is for man and not the other way. We also know that the cheapest solutions are rarely the cheapest in the long run and the most expensive ones are not necessary the best ones as well. Our goal is to provide the best solutions for the needs and problems - and all we need is that you define them as clearly as you can. And talking about costs, some good news: we shall not make you pay our advertising costs because we don't have any. We think it is the quality of our work that should speak for us.

The human factor

We believe it is the small details that make the difference. In a world where hi-tech has become commodity and overwhelmingly commonplace, where information overload is rather a problem than the lack of information, it is again the human factor that can turn good equipment into a really valuable and useful solution.

If you think that we might help you in your work, please contact us.

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