We offer outsorcing services for your total ICT infrastructure, furthermore on-site and remote maintenance and management. Upon request, we will assess your current infrastructure and make an offer to take its operation over or renew/replace it in an outsourcing fashion.

We will create a comprehensive inventory about your hardware and software resources - and their users, too, if needed - and we will maintain and update this list. Our experts will purchase, install, set up and deliver the necessary equipment, and if needed, give you customized training about their proper operation. This service is complemented by preventive maintenance, a full range of support and repair services, and it goes without saying that we will perform all the duties related to warranty (return merchandise replacement, etc).

We will manage the devices with an availability precisely defined in the Service Level Agreement - if needed, around the clock. In cases when problems can be solved without on-site presence, we will provide you with help over the telephone and/or using remote management services. In other cases, we will go to your site as soon as possible, but definitely within the contracted availability.

Benefits of outsourcing

The biggest benefit of outsourcing is twofold: the customer can focus on her core activities, without the need to have IT personnel of their own; furthermore, costs become manageable and in most of the cases they decrease significantly - up to 30 percent. Further benefits:

  • high-level, reliable service;
  • long-term manageable, stable costs;
  • continuous professional and technical development, which would be difficult to achieve using only in-house resources;
  • outsourcing responsibilities as well;
  • availability may be even 7/24/265;
  • experienced, professional team of experts;
  • increased internal efficiency, better-regulated processes;
  • reliable archives and backups;
  • costs are service costs, not salaries.


Our outsourcing services cover all the aspects of IT operations:


  • assessing customer needs;
  • designing ICT systems, using and optimizing the existing equipment;
  • designing and implementing structured (voice and data) network,
  • installing and configuring the active networking components;
  • installing, configuring and maintaining servers, workstations, peripherals and telecommunication equipment (if necessary, using virtualization);
  • purchasing, activating and renewing software licenses;
  • building a server room;
  • if needed, designing and installing the necessary presentation and PA equipment;
  • implementing physical security (CCTV, access control, etc);
  • maintaining all the above equipment.

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