Custom development

During the IT projects we perform the custom integration and development tasks required to make the systems work together. The capacity of our developers is also available to serve all kinds of custom needs.

We complement our systems with a full portfolio of professional services, throughout their whole lifecycle. Our consulting services help defining the needs properly, to translate the business processes into the languages of IT and optimize them. We cooperate in designing and exactly specifying the system performing the required functionality.

As different problems may have very different optimal solutions, during the assessment, design and development/testing phases, we choose our tools and processes according to the goal to be reached. We will most likely recommend one set of tools to develop a small company site and a very different one to execute an integration project. This task-centered approach guarantees that we perform our development tasks in a platform- and vendor-independent way, seeking optimal efficiency in the solution.

If the problem requires, we can rapidly develop a prototype, and fine-tune the solution based on the test results, yielding results as soon as possible for the customer. Our goal is to create IT solutions that support the best organizational operation, not simply offer off-the-shelf products.

Naturally, we provide long-term management and support services for our systems and we are always open to refine and further improve it based on the new requirements that surfaced during live usage.

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