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As main or subcontractors we engage in planning, designing, testing and implementing complete IT projects and systems or parts of them. Our main strength is that we are not committed to any one vendor or solution: we try to be objective and implement a solution that meets the needs best. Although our main market is the small and medium businesses (SMB), we are not afraid of large engagements, either: together with our expert partners we can offer solutions for complex problems, requiring systems consisting of multiple operating systems or expertise from multiple business lines.

Why do you need consulting - at an SMB?

By today it has become obvious for companies large and small that the proper usage of infocommunication technologies (ICT) yields clear, measurable competitive advantage. On the other hand, because of the hyperaccelerated ICT market - and the ever changing needs from the customers -, SMBs must face huge challenges to keep up the pace and respond to the needs with a well-thought strategy. We will help you define your long- and medium-term ICT strategies, taking all the business and IT requirements, furthermore, the potential future developments into account. Based on these plans we make proposals to implement short-term IT solutions. If needed, we complement our consulting services with actual implementation projects, custom training, systems support and-or operation.

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