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Many of our jobs are not 'just' translation but involve a lot of related tasks - for example translation and DTP. One of the most important of such jobs is software localization, where you need to localize and test - not just translate - the on-screen and logged messages of the software, and the online and printed documentation (help files, training material, manuals, etc).

We have experience with the localization of software of all sizes. We have successfully localized into Hungarian not only Windows- and Linux-based, IBM iSeries (formerly AS/400) and PDA (Windows Mobile) system and application software but also games (Xbox 360, PS/2).

What we offer:


  • fast, precise, professionally correct work, no later than the agreed deadline;
  • professional proofreading, translators who (also) work in the field;
  • mostly in-house colleagues (not freelancers);
  • better price and conditions than MLVs (multi-language vendors);
  • because of the organized, corporate operation, much better deadlines and quality than with freelancers.



What we do NOT offer:


  • We do not claim that we are the best in everything and can translate to all languages. We are one the best choices for professional IT and medical translation. In fact, chances are that even if you contract some of the big name MLVs, it will be us who translates your job.

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