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Although a large part of our activities is in the field of localizing software, another important field of ours is to translate press releases, sales literature, documents, flyers, brochures and manuals where - beside having experience in the field - another important requirement is having a readable, high-level, professional style. Our 'founding fathers' and colleagues have professional editorial experience of nearly a hundred years.

Feel free to hire us not only to translate but to write or proofread your documents.

What we offer:


  • high-level, readable translation of documents where style is important, not just the contents;
  • up-to-date professional knowledge, translators who (also) work in the field;
  • mostly in-house colleagues (not freelancers);
  • if needed, editorial/printshop level of proofreading (especially for printed documents);
  • cooperation in developing the terminology for your company;
  • better price and conditions than MLVs (multi-language vendors);
  • long-term partnership;
  • because of the organized, corporate operation, much better deadlines and quality than with freelancers.


What we do NOT offer:


  • We do not claim that we are the best in everything and can translate to all languages. We are one the best choices for professional IT and medical translation. In fact, chances are that even if you contract some of the big name MLVs, it will be us who translates your job.

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