Finishing and binding services

We may not be a huge printshop but we offer finishing and binding services that are among the best. In fact, very few companies offer perfect binding like us. Here is a short list of our finishing services (and their limitations). Because the price of finishing and binding heavily depends on the amount ordered, please contact us for quotes.


  • Stiching up to 150 sheets; saddle stitching (up to around 100-120 pages)
  • Cutting up to 500 sheets, 450 mm max. length
  • Wire binding (using plastic rings and metal wires as well)
  • Hole punching (1, 2 and 4 holes)
  • Laminating (up to A/3)
  • Folding and putting materials in envelopes (up to A/2)
  • Corner rounding (card calendars, namecards, other types of cards)
  • Perfect binding (up to 40 mm thick)
  • Scoring - also with custom shapes with our laser machine (up to A/3 or 600x300 mm if preprinted)



We can provide you with other cutting and scoring jobs via our subcontractors at decent prices.

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